Fiction Friday: Parasite by Mira Grant

I loved Mira Grant’s Newsflesh series, and is one I recommend all the time for lovers of zombie fiction. It has so much depth and was a new take on how zombies came to be.

Parasite is the first book in the second series by Seanan McGuire writing as Mira Grant. As the first book of Parasitology, it is setting the ground work for the rest of the trilogy. In this future world, genetically modified tapeworms are implanted in people that augment your immune system. People no longer get sick. Yay! Main character Sal was in a serious car accident a number of years ago and thanks to her parasite, was saved. She has no memory of her life before the accident, and still struggles to fit back in. She has regular tests and checks at SymboGen, the company who created the tapeworms and who use her as the example of just how good the tapeworms can be. She has a stable and caring relationship with a doctor, a job she enjoys and a future that she wouldn’t have had without the worm.

That being said, when the main character is so fucking stupid that she doesn’t see all of the totally obvious hints and clues that us as the reader do, it can really jolt you out of the book. The tension wasn’t all that tensiony, and the supporting characters were either annoying or shallow, and the ending was neither a surprise nor unexpected. The plot lead quite logically to the end, it just wasn’t anything out of left field, like the end of Feed (book one of the Newsflesh series). I would still be interested to read the rest, but not any time soon.

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