Libriomancer by Jim C. Hines


LibriomancerIsaac Vainio is a libriomancer – one who uses magic to draw objects from books. As long as the object can fit within the parameters of the book, it can be taken out. He is at work, a public library, when he’s attacked by vampires, breed Meyerii. Pulling a disrupter from a science fiction novel, and with the help of a dryad named Lena and his fire-spider Smudge, he is able to defeat them.

This is just the start of his problems.

2 years ago, Isaac was made to leave the Porters (Die Zwelf Portenaere), those who monitor and fight against the evil that can be withdrawn from books. For Isaac, the line between using magic and using too much magic is very, very thin, and he crossed it.

The Porters reluctantly admit that there have been other attacks, and some of them are dead. Also, their founder, the one who figured out how to be a libriomancer, is missing: Johannes Gutenberg. The Porters need Isaac and Lena’s help.

I had so much fun reading this book. Not only is it right up my reading alley with the numerous pop culture references;

“What is it with you and brown jackets?” Lena asked.

“There were two reasons I wanted that jacket,” I said as I slipped the new one on. It was a little long, but not horribly so.

“Doctor Who – the tenth doctor, specifically – was one of those reasons.”

“And the other?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen Firefly?” I shook my head. (p128)

but it’s also something that I wish I had the ability to do. Being able to draw not only on the amazing array of things that can be brought out of a book, but also knowing what things can be found in books, is so intriguing. Highly appealed to both the librarian in me and the fangirl.

I admit to having some confusion reading the ending. I’m not sure if Hines had difficulty translating the enormous scope of the ending effectively into words, or if it was me suffering the difficulty in understanding. This didn’t detract from the novel’s enjoyment factor, though.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and am looking forward to reading the second in the series Codex Born.

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