Movie Monday : John Wick


The tagline for this Keanu Reeves action movie is “DON’T SET HIM OFF” which is exactly what bloody Theon Greyjoy does. With absolutely no idea who the fuck he’s dealing with, Theon (aka Alfie Allen) decides that he REALLY wants John Wick’s car and so he and some thugs break in to Wick’s house, kill his puppy (a posthumous gift from his wife) and steal his car. Of course, Wick isn’t just a man grieving for his recently deceased wife, he’s Baba Yaga “The Boogeyman” : Theon’s dad’s former best assassin. What an idiot Theon is. Now the Russian boss dude (aka the baddie from MI: Ghost Protocol) has no choice but to put out a contract on Wick to try save his son’s life. But we all know that’s not going to happen, right?

What comes next is some wonderful kickass action. Nothing is outstanding in the sense of “wow, how did he do that?”, but there is so much fun and bad dudes dying in this movie. Daniel Bernhardt (Bloodsport II, III & 4) engages Wick in a superb fight in a bathhouse. Keanu had obviously worked hard on both his gun work and his martial arts as both looked natural and fluid. He stalks around New York and is kinda mesmerizing (that may just be my love of Keanu speaking, carry on!)

The look of the film is excellent. The first few minutes where we get the back story of his wife dying is full of soft light, tender moments and sorrow. Then we get a shift as Wick becomes the assassin again, the life he’d left behind when he fell in love. The action is shot cleanly, and for me that’s a big plus. I didn’t have any scene where I was like “what the fuck just happened?” because we followed the shots and the punches with minimal chopping of the scene (take note, Michael Bay, you hack).

I do wonder about the minimal use of actors like Willem Dafoe and John Leguizamo. Feel like both roles could have contributed more to the story, and maybe in a director’s extended cut there may be more to them. That said, I loved the minimal roles of Ian McShane as the owner of a safe hotel for assassins and Lance Reddick as the concierge. They played their parts as they needed to be: much said with few words.

I fully admit to crying when the puppy died. It was necessary to be the impetus for Wick to go full revenge mode, but it was not something I liked seeing. Such a sweet little thing. *sob*

One of the best lines was “People keep asking me if I’m back and yeah, I’m thinking I’m back” (may be paraphrased a little) and that can be attributed to both Wick and Keanu. After the rubbish that was 47 Ronin, it’s great to see him in a good film again. Keanu was even nominated for the Razzie Redeemer Award for this one! A thoroughly enjoyable film and I for one, cannot wait for the sequel.

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  1. Christie
    March 7, 2015 at 11:03 pm #

    Dude I am 15 mins in and bawling my eyes out!!

    • Emma
      March 8, 2015 at 9:15 am #

      Yeah, me too. Did you like the rest of it?

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