Movie Monday: Terminator Genisys

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Guardian in TERMINATOR GENISYS, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.There aren’t many films that have had the impact on my film memory like Terminator 2 : Judgement Day. The amazing new terminator T-1000, played wonderfully by Robert Patrick, the strength (both physical and mental) of Sarah Connor, the interaction between John Connor and the T-800 of Schwarzenegger, all combined to make an excellent film. The two that followed, while entertaining enough and did develop the story within the world of Skynet, were not great films.

And now we have film 5, Terminator Genisys. I will attempt to not give too many spoilers, (although if you’ve seen either the trailer or the poster, you pretty much have seen all the plot points).

In the future, the war with the machines has taken a toll. John Connor has worked out (or knows?) where the heart of Skynet is. If they can destroy it, the war will be over. When they arrive, destroy the heart and start to celebrate, Connor realises that Skynet sent a terminator back to kill his mother. The men start volunteering to go back and protect her, and Connor chooses Kyle Reece (Jai Courtney) to go (as if he could choose anyone else anyways, Reece being his father and all!). As he is being timetravelled, he sees someone attacking Connor, but is obviously unable to help. Arriving in 1984, Reece is almost instantly attacked by a T-1000 liquid metal type terminator and is rescued by Sarah Connor. Sarah explains that everything has changed, which started when a T-800 saved her from another liquid metal type terminator as a child. This terminator, whom she lovingly calls Pops, trained her in the arts of war. Reece, however, is being mentally assaulted by memories that never happened. Turns out, if some amazing history changing event occurs when you’re being time travelled, alternate lifetimes can happen, or so Pops says.

In order to prevent the alternate Skynet from taking over, now called Genisys (created by Cyberdyne, because that stupid fucker Dyson never learns), Reece and Connor travel to 2017. Here they are met by John Connor and that’s when stuff gets really out of control.

There are so many nods in this film to the first two, it was excellent. The way they dealt with Schwarzenegger being so old (the flesh ages even while the machine still functions) was great. The use of the catchphrases was, if a little corny, nice to see. I think Emilia Clarke did a reasonable job of portraying Sarah Connor, but anyone will always be a pale imitation of  Linda Hamilton. As is Jai Courtney’s Reece to Michael Biehn’s. Was it brilliant? No. Was it pretty bloody good? Yup. I liked how it “felt” like a part of the first two’s world, even while it created a new alternate timeline. I highly recommend this film.

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