Re-watching and Re-reading

imageI was having a discussion the other day with a friend at a book launch where we were discussing our children’s reading habits and I said that my girl used to re-read Harry Potter at least once a year and he said that with our to-read piles being so large, isn’t it a bit redundant to be reading books we’ve already read? (Sorry for the paraphrasing, John!)

And it made me think. I really do have a large list of books to read and tv and movies to watch. Am I wasting my time in re-watching and re-reading things?

In being really ill for the past week, where concentration was nonexistent, I’ve done nothing but watch movies I’ve seen before. Anything else was too taxing.

Other times, I just enjoy a movie so much I will willingly dive back in to the story rather than find a new one. Same goes for books. Sometimes I just want the comfort of reading something I know well rather than anything new.

I don’t think there’s a definitive answer to this, as viewing and reading are subjective. But I am interested in what you do.

Are you a re-watcher/re-reader?

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