The Conjuring

the-conjuring-posterThe Conjuring is set during the 1970s, where Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators whose reports inspired the Amityville Horror film(s), are giving lectures on ghosts, demons and possession. They are asked to assist with the Perrons, a family who have moved into a farmhouse which appears to be displaying classic signs of a haunting.

The Perrons and their five daughters have moved to a new house for a fresh start. Instead they are plagued from the first night by problems, as the dog refuses to enter the house and is found dead the next morning. These problems, like the photos all falling off the wall, the clocks stopping at 3.07am every night, the house never being warm enough, continue to escalate to a point where the whole family is sleeping in the loungeroom in order to feel safe enough to get through a night. The Warrens, called in to help, find there is definite cause to believe there is a haunting happening and they would recommend an exorcism, something only the Catholic Church can approve. Before that approval comes through, however, things become dangerously worse.

I have seen this film twice, once in the cinemas and once at home, and I think the second viewing improved it. I still jumped at the scary spots, I still cared about the characters, I still was glad the way it ended. Yet knowing how the film develops meant that I could enjoy the tension and plot developments without being too much on edge.

While there is nothing new about this film in terms of horror or haunting films, it is an excellent example of the genre. It does a wonderful job of keeping the tension up, even during moments where it should be lessened. The whole film is wonderfully unsettling. The cast generally do an excellent job, the standouts being Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron and Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren. Their portrayal of mothers prepared to do anything for their children and family were spot on.

There is talk of a sequel, which could theoretically be a rehash of the Amityville Horror story as the ending hinted as such, and both Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have signed on to do another film. I’ll watch it.

If you like a good scare, go watch this one!

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