Time to get serious


Hi everyone,

I never intended for this wonderful project of mine to sit still for so long. So I’ve decided to get serious. I’ve just put out a call for help and am hoping that between that and my own efforts, Elaia can grow into something wonderful.

In my call for help, I mention my involvement in the Thursday Night Movie Club. This is something that I started with my boyfriend a few months ago after bemoaning the fact that I missed both Gravity and Catching Fire at the cinemas last year. I said I’d like to go more often, and so we are. Every Thursday night we head to the cinemas to watch a filum. It’s been great. But it has meant that the main focus of my “spare” time has been on movies.

Added to that, I’ve agreed to be anAurealis Awards judge again this year. I’ll confirm what category I’m doing once it’s announced, but I am quite excited. It does, however, mean that the majority of my reading time will be spent on judging books, rather than my own choice. And as I don’t feel comfortable reviewing those books I’m judging until after the awards are announced, it will probably reduce the amount of written works I’ll be able to review and put here.

So, keep checking back in. I’ll be updating regularly. And please, consider helping me out.

(Photo taken by SPDP used with permission under Creative Commons licence.)


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