Wednesday Wonderings: How Much is Too Much?

After watching the appalling snore fest that was King Arthur on the weekend, and then finding it out was the first in a planned SIX FILM SERIES (now thankfully not happening cause it tanked so damn badly), I got to thinking, how much is too much?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will never tire of the Rocky films. They can make them forever and I cannot wait for Creed 2. I also recently watched Sharknado 5, and I’m loving how they’re still ridiculous but are so enjoyable. But when will I hit the tipping point on those? What about the Fast and the Furious? I’m still watching, but found 8 to be just a little toooooo much.

The planned series of Avatar has me concerned. The first was good but problematic. I just don’t see that there’s enough world building in order to sustain so many films. And even then, good world building doesn’t guarantee a good film (looking at you, Prometheus).

I don’t even want to taint this site with the mention of Transformers, but with this post, I could not. We all know they’re a bucket of shite, so why are they still being made? The first one was so bad, and then they got subsequently worse. Michael Bay used to be able to make good films (The Rock!) but he got lost up his own arse and believed his own hype.

Is the risk of making money worth making bad films? Because damn, there are some bad ones out there that keep spawning more.

What are some other series that I’ve missed? Ones that should have stopped at one.

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