Wednesday Wonderings: Oscars bait


It’s nearly time for the Academy Awards!

Pretty excited, even though I’ve hardly seen any of the films this year. For a movie buff like me, it’s always great to see what wins the awards, and being the competitive sod that I am, the bf and I do a scorecard. Last year I won by one, which was the very last category. I’d picked Moonlight, and he’d picked La La Land. So you can imagine what happened after poor Warren Beattie read the wrong movie!

But it did make me wonder how many films nominated would be made if they weren’t simply made to attempt to win Academy Awards? Sometimes you watch a trailer, and all you can think is “Oscar Bait”. That’s no indication of whether the film would be a good/enjoyable one or not, but merely, is this a film that would have been made if the producer/director/studio weren’t aiming to win awards with it?

Films like The Post just seem like they wouldn’t be made otherwise. I’m not saying they’re not good films, but I wouldn’t be watching them if they weren’t nominated. You know what I mean?

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